Racquetball for cardio???

On Saturdays we like to go to gym and play racquetball.  We're not big fans of hitting the treadmill for cardio, not that there's anything wrong with the treadmill but we get bored so play racquetball.  When we first started playing we realized how much it got our blood pumping and  heart rate up.  Getting... Continue Reading →

EZ Bar Curl We Love!!!

With today being flex Friday its only right to share one of our favorite products!  The ez bar curl, we picked this up in college for our basement gym and still love it.  It has the normal 2in bar so normal gym plates will work.  The black finish on it just makes it look savage... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Today is flex Friday so we're hitting arms.  We like to do a super set with a partner.  One person hits incline skull crushers to failure then passes it to the other who hit ez bar curls.  You complete three sets and then switch positions so if you started with skull crushers you now will... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

We're going to the bench today, thats right big bench day today!  On bench days we like to take our time warm up properly because we are gonna hit alot of volume.  We like to warm up a couple times with 135 then add weight and start our working sets.  Once we reach our 1... Continue Reading →

Try out this Slow Cooker!!!

The slower is the gym goers second best friend.  The slow cooker makes meal prep extremely easy and it is no hassle cooking just put in the ingredients and turn it on and your done.  You don't have to waste your entire Sunday prepping for the week.  This is the slow cooker we like to... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Todays exercise is the day is single arm standing dumbbell press.  We love these because it works each shoulder individually and is a great way to add volume.   We like to hit these right after doing a compound shoulder exercise like the barbell press or seated dumbbell press.  We drop the weight usually half of... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Todays exercise is the incline barbell bench press but with a twist because doing the same thing gets you the same results.  The twist is your going to hit 25 reps in as little sets as possible, this is a real burner and your going fell it the next day!  We then like to add... Continue Reading →

Powdered Peanut Butter?

In college I used to eat alot of PB&J's.  It was simple to make, extremely cost effective and tasted great.  Then my buddy told me about pb2 powder (Link for pb2 powder).  It's powdered peanut butter now you can't make PB&J's out of it but you can added it to your cereal which is the way... Continue Reading →

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