Workout of the Week 4/8

Chest and Triceps Bench Press -2 warm up sets -Increase until 1 rep max for that day -Drop 20lbs and complete 3 sets of 2 reps -Drop weight and complete 8 reps -Pause press at 1 rep max - 40lbs for failure Incline Dumbbell Press -4 sets of 8 reps Landmine Press -4 sets of... Continue Reading →

HITT Cardio Program

With beach season approaching fast and that last bit of the winter bulk hanging around we have a fat burning lung screaming cardio session for you.  All you need is an open area of space 20 yards max and a few cones or any objects to mark out distances. Warm Up: 10min any slow moving... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Looking to grow those legs?  The hardest part about the gym at least for me was consistently hitting legs.  It was a pain, boring and left me extremely sore the next couple of days.  I knew if I wanted to get stronger and look stronger I needed to hit legs.  I've found that hitting single... Continue Reading →

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