Exercise of the Day

Bench Press Pause Reps

The bench press is great lots of variations and rep ranges out there to suit anybody.  We like to incorporate this variation at the end of our bench session.  The pause rep allows us to focus on the bottom of bench and the way we do the rep is as follows.  You want to bring the weight down at normal speed then pause for 2-3 seconds push the weight up with more force than normally would.

Rep Range

We try to shoot for no more than 5 reps so you are going to want a spotter to be safe.  One set should be enough but if your up to it feel free to try another one but remember this exercise is for the end of your bench workout.


Keep the shoulders back and locked down into place.  Allowing them to loosen up could cause injury.  Focus on pushing the weight up as fast as you can to allow.


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