3 Lifts for a BIG Back!

3 Lifts for a Big Back

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Rack Pulls
  3. Pull Ups

Why Deadlifts

Deadlifts may look intimidating for any level lifter but notion is all in your head the main thing is to follow proper form and technic.  There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to do them, check them out if you need some help.  The main parts are to keep the bar close to your shins, chest up and back as straight as possible.

Deadlifts are a compound movement essentially meaning the lift targets multiple muscle groups in your back and throughout your body!  The deadlift helps with your traps and middle back, biceps, lower back and legs.

We recommend that you do deadlifts at the beginning of your workout as your back is rested and not fatigued.


4 sets 10,8,5,3 reps completed in that order

Why Rack Pulls

Rack Pulls allow for heavy weight to be put on the bar and lifted from an elevated position.  The heavy weight works your traps amazingly well especially if the traps are a lacking muscle group.  Another essential muscle grouped worked is the core.  Rack pulls are great for strengthening your lower back/core.  Your core is worked by stabilizing the load mid pull.

When trying to increase your deadlift we strongly recommend rack pulls for 3 reasons.  First rack pulls help with lockout at the top of the deadlift movement.  Second your grip strength, by overloading the bar your forearms will get a strong workout in just trying to hold the lift.  Lastly your core by stabilizing that overload.


4 sets 5-8 reps

Why Pull Ups

Pull ups work a variety of muscle groups to include biceps and forearms.  An interesting point to add is that your grip will give out before your back does.  Your back has a wide set of different muscles in it and the pull up tends to work a majority of them.  Want a wide back?  Do pull ups.  Want a strong back?  Do pull ups.  Now you may ask when should I incorporate pull ups into my routine?  We say that it depends on your goals.  You can start with them to get your back warmed up or end with pull ups to burnout as a last workout.


4 sets of 10 reps Or 4 sets until failure


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