Headphones that every lifter NEEDS!

Music is a MUST for GAINZ Any lifter knows that music plays an important role in the gym.  Music is a psychological booster and can effect your workout out in a positive or negative way.  One thing that bothered me was wired headphones, the wire always got tangled or caught up in my shirt.  The... Continue Reading →

GoPro Hero 5!!!

I picked up my first go pro a couple years ago so that my buddies and I could film some cool action shots with our cars.  Three years later I still have that my first one but I picked up a new one the Hero 5.  I use this thing on family vacations, hikes, on... Continue Reading →

JBL Speaker for unlimited Uses!!!

My buddy showed me a portable speaker he picked up the other day call the JBL Flip 4 Waterproof portable speaker and man does this thing put out some noise.  With beach season coming up we like to go to the football field and do some HITT (Look for our favorite HITT workouts coming soon)... Continue Reading →

Best Blender We Have Ever Used!!!

The Ninja blender is the best blender we have used hands down!  There is nothing this machine can't break down.  Any serious lifter should have a blender and the Ninja blender is the one to get!  We at Super Gainz have a discounted Link. to amazon.com to pick up your own blender. Give it a try because... Continue Reading →

Racquetball for cardio???

On Saturdays we like to go to gym and play racquetball.  We're not big fans of hitting the treadmill for cardio, not that there's anything wrong with the treadmill but we get bored so play racquetball.  When we first started playing we realized how much it got our blood pumping and  heart rate up.  Getting... Continue Reading →

Try out this Slow Cooker!!!

The slower is the gym goers second best friend.  The slow cooker makes meal prep extremely easy and it is no hassle cooking just put in the ingredients and turn it on and your done.  You don't have to waste your entire Sunday prepping for the week.  This is the slow cooker we like to... Continue Reading →

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