3 Lifts for a BIG Back!

3 Lifts for a Big Back Deadlifts Rack Pulls Pull Ups Why Deadlifts Deadlifts may look intimidating for any level lifter but notion is all in your head the main thing is to follow proper form and technic.  There are plenty of videos on youtube on how to do them, check them out if you... Continue Reading →

3 Keys to Building Muscle

Overview There are 3 major points to consider when trying to gain muscle mass.  First is the type of workouts you are doing meaning strength training or hypertrophy training.  Second you need to be in a caloric surplus meaning you need to eat more calories than you are burning throughout the day.  Lastly you need... Continue Reading →

Barbell Row VS Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row The dumbbell row is a unilateral movement meaning it works each lat independently.  You are then able to fix any muscle imbalances.  Another key note is that the dumbbell row is great for hypertrophy training.  You are able to work the muscle with a lot of reps because your weight is supported taking... Continue Reading →

Personal Training

Are you a beginner or experienced lifter?  We can help you get started and break your fitness plateaus!  Email us at supergainzfit@gmail.com and let us help you crush your fitness goals!!!!

Exercise of the Day

Single Arm Seated Dumbbell Press Isolation movements are a proven method to build up lagging muscles.  Shoulders are a relatively small muscle group and require a decent amount of reps to grow.  The problem many people face along with myself is that my shoulders grow differently because of other lifts I do.  Your shoulders play... Continue Reading →

Headphones that every lifter NEEDS!

Music is a MUST for GAINZ Any lifter knows that music plays an important role in the gym.  Music is a psychological booster and can effect your workout out in a positive or negative way.  One thing that bothered me was wired headphones, the wire always got tangled or caught up in my shirt.  The... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Close Grip Lat Pull Downs We're hitting close grip lat pull downs.  This isn't your compound movement but an accessory movement.  You want to add this as your third or fourth back workout. Muscles This is going to hit your lats and by that I mean your going to feel a deep stretch in your... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Incline Bench Pause Reps The incline bench press is best known for building the upper chest.  We took that concept and added pause reps.  You go through your normal workout and for the last set or two add pauses reps.  You want to hit 4-6 reps and pause at the bottom for 2-3 seconds.   This... Continue Reading →

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