Barbell Row VS Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row The dumbbell row is a unilateral movement meaning it works each lat independently.  You are then able to fix any muscle imbalances.  Another key note is that the dumbbell row is great for hypertrophy training.  You are able to work the muscle with a lot of reps because your weight is supported taking... Continue Reading →

Workout of the Week 4/8

Chest and Triceps Bench Press -2 warm up sets -Increase until 1 rep max for that day -Drop 20lbs and complete 3 sets of 2 reps -Drop weight and complete 8 reps -Pause press at 1 rep max - 40lbs for failure Incline Dumbbell Press -4 sets of 8 reps Landmine Press -4 sets of... Continue Reading →

HITT Cardio Program

With beach season approaching fast and that last bit of the winter bulk hanging around we have a fat burning lung screaming cardio session for you.  All you need is an open area of space 20 yards max and a few cones or any objects to mark out distances. Warm Up: 10min any slow moving... Continue Reading →

Workout of the Week 4/1

Day 1 - Legs and Biceps Back/Front Squat -2 warm up sets -Increase weight until 1 rep max -Drop weight to continue with 2 reps (at 1rep max - 20lbs) Reverse Lunges with Barbell/Dumbbells -4 sets of 4 reps Stiff Leg Deadlifts with Barbell/Dumbbells -4 sets of 8 reps Leg Press -4 sets of 8... Continue Reading →

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