Grow your chest with these 3 exercises!

Movements: Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Press: Complete 4 sets 8-12 reps each arm Landmine Press: Complete 4 sets 8-12 reps (two hands) or 4 sets 12-15 reps (single arm) Weighted Push Ups: Complete 3 sets to failure at the end of your workout (add whatever weight you'd be comfortable with When to add these to your workouts: You... Continue Reading →


Exercise of the Day

Landmine Chest Press The landmine chest press is one of our favorite chest accessory movements that isn't well known.  The movement mainly targets the upper chest and inner chest.  We use two hands to hold the bar but you can use one arm.  We like to add this halfway through or at the end of... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Dumbbell Lunges Everyone who has done lunges knows lunges suck but you can't deny the gainz you get from them.  Lunges grow your glutes and quads.  Now you may be thinking why do I want to grow my glutes,  Your glutes play a major factor in both deadlifts and squats.  Lunges are a great accessory... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

21's Its Friday and that means ARMS!!! We're bringing it back to a proven mass gainer with 21's.  To do this you do three sets of 7 to complete 1 full set.  The rotation is up to you but we like to start with the bottom then go full motion and finally end with the... Continue Reading →

4 Ab Blasting Workouts

Strong Core Strong Lifts The key to having great abs is nutrition but if your nutrition is on point or looking to show those abs as you workout on nutrition we've got you covered!  Your core is one of the most over looked muscles when completing big lifts or compound movements.  We'll get into that... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press Looking to grow those shoulders try out the seated dumbbell shoulder press.  One of the reasons we love this compound movement is that it works all of the shoulder muscles and develops size and strength. Complete 4 sets of 5-8 reps, do 2 warm up sets prior to working sets

Exercise of the Day

  T-Bar Rows Today's exercise we are hitting t-bar rows.  There are a couple of variations we like to do with this exercise the main one is would be with the bar in the corner and you place the bar in between your legs.  Another one we like to use is the same bar setup... Continue Reading →

Exercise of the Day

Bench Press Pause Reps The bench press is great lots of variations and rep ranges out there to suit anybody.  We like to incorporate this variation at the end of our bench session.  The pause rep allows us to focus on the bottom of bench and the way we do the rep is as follows. ... Continue Reading →

4 Bicep workouts to try next arm day!

Hit your Biceps with these 4 workouts! If you want your biceps to grow you need volume but not just volume with minimal weight you need moderate to heavy weight. Preacher Curls The first workout is the seated single arm preacher curl.  You want to hit this in the middle/end of your workout.  Really focusing... Continue Reading →

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